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One-Stop Digital Agency

Full service digital design agency offering no hassle, easy to understand graphic design, website design, digital marketing, social media, print and advertising.


Web Design & WordPress Consultancy

Create from scratch or giving your existing website a refresh, we will plan, concept & deploy your site in detail.


Social Media Management & Marketing

Don't have time to manage your social media? Often one of the most overlooked yet highly successful advertising outlets.


SEO - Website Optimisation & Performance

From on-page to off-page seo, analytics, console, links, keywords, phrases & content, we cover it all..


Corporate Branding & ID

We have years of experience and expertise in brand id, research, design & guidelines.


Graphic Design

Professional graphic design service for all your business, media, brochures & print.


Design & Print

Our in-house design team have close collaborations with quality print & signage retailers.


Design Consultant

Looking for advice, direction or ideas for your next project? Be it print, web or email, we can help.


Content Marketing​

We can help create and market your multi-channel blogs, videos, news and announcements.


Website Care Plans

A look at our very best website care plan options for updates, backups and performance.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

The ultimate goal for any business. Our complete marketing strategy revolves around a solid, consistent and engaging message.

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The ROI Experts

Return on your investment is how we manage and predict your strategy and scale. We look for a considered approach, we would never put all our (or your) eggs in one basket.

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Best Practices

All of our designs and websites are based upon best practice with no shortcuts. Utilising the best tools that are available for the project in-hand, we wouldn’t skimp on quality. After all, it’s our name on the line.


We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Almost an impossible question to answer. What works for one, may not be the best solution for another. Whilst each has their place, they all have their strengths. At BluSquare, we carefully consider every advertising and marketing platform and outlet and put our efforts and focus into the best platform(s) for the task.

Yes, and No! Whilst it would be great to have a professional presence on every social media channel, it would be extremely time consuming and expensive to stand out and perform well on them all. In our experience, it is best to concentrate on those that are most likely to provide you with the most effective reward.

Yes, certainly. Content is king. Providing that you content is precise, unique, understandable and contains just the right number of key-phrases and longtail keywords. Then this will provide a sound basis for your organic SEO. There are many other factors based around SEO and each should be fully considered.

Business advertising and marketing can be boosted (fast), but this usually involves PPC or Paid Advertising, a potentially expensive venture. This may be an option for a short term boost, but we would always recommend a good basis for ‘Organic’ or SEO rankings.

Not at all. Print has always has a place in marketing and advertising, and will continue to do so for quite some time. The best and most successful marketing efforts rely on a good combination of all available outlets for your target audience. This is something that we can help you discover.

Don’t panic, and don’t simply think ‘everyone else is talking SEO so I should get involved’. Give us a call and we’ll arrange a casual chat to assess your requirements, strengths and if digital marketing could help your business.

Yes, we comprise of a great team of Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Marketing Specialists and SEO Researchers bringing together the complete package.

Success is different for everyone, but success and happy clients go and in hand. We have many happy clients who have benefited from ROI in our design and marketing partnerships.

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